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Full name

Kevin Mills


New Malden, which is at the London end of Surrey.


Hello there. Yes, I’m a freelance copywriter, and have been since God was a baby. I’ve worked on accounts from Apple to Zanussi and in all the usual media, plus a few unusual ones like pavement art and barrage balloons.

I can work at home or at your place, with your art director/designer or mine.

A modest clutch of awards garnered over the years includes a Cannes Lion, a Clio, two Mobiuses (Mobii?), some DMA Echos, a Campaign Direct and one or two others. Not many. It's mainly about the commerce with me.

What I try and do with every job is come up with a good, workable solution; hopefully one that hasn’t been used before.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of my work up for your perusal. If you’re keen to read the actual words but can’t, drop me an email and I’ll fiddle about in photoshop or something. Not that I know the first thing about photoshop. I'd probably have to ask a friend.

I’m at and on Twitter I'm @bravenewmalden
I blog from time to time at and tell a largely uninterested world what I get up to on my holidays at


Headlines, straplines, brevity, body copy, captions, dialogue, radio


Writing. Drawing. Some adding up.