Of negligible interest to most people, the programme for an ad agency's Xmas Panto remains a piece of writing of which I am stupidly proud.

To set the tone, a change to the traditional comedy/tragedy theatrical masks.

Thumbnail profiles of the cast, i.e. my colleagues. No wonder so few of them keep in touch.

The programme featured ads in the style of the agency’s clients. They even had the 'putting the spotlight on…' line that’s a mainstay of all ads in all theatre programmes, everywhere.

I wrote some travel copy for Amex and discovered that I quite liked it. https://travel.americanexpress.co.uk/service/static_page.cfm?PAGE=destinations_north_america
Here’s my travel blog: https://millsholidays.wordpress.com/

One year, the agency I was working for decided to have a Stars in Their Eyes theme for their summer party. I came back from holiday to be told that a) I was to be in it and b) I had to prepare a suitable introductory video. I’d never watched the programme so had no idea what was expected, but put this together over the course of a weekend while my family were away. The star in my eyes was David Bowie. It’s lucky no footage exists of my performance.

I occasionally contribute fake news items to Newsbiscuit. Full non-story here: http://www.newsbiscuit.com/2017/10/30/photographers-have-enough-deer-shots-now/