I love writing for radio. I guess it stems largely from growing up with Hancock and I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again. Or maybe I just like it when the brain has to supply the pictures. Anyway, some of the ads showcased here won awards; others are included mainly for nostalgic purposes.

‘A policeman stopping a car? Won’t that suggest drink-driving?’ Memorable comment from client who happened to double as a Scottish Presbyterian minister.

I’m no media expert, but I would have advised the client against running commercials advertising a service that was unavailable to 99% of the listeners. Still, these ads sort of get round the problem. I think.

The male VO is Jeff Rawle, who played George in Drop the Dead Donkey. The female is Josie Lawrence.

Bernard Manning greeted me with a racist comment about the previous night’s boxing match. Then the session went further downhill. Clearcast wouldn’t let us broadcast the name of his new video, ‘Banging With Manning’. I wonder why. So I had to rewrite two scripts there and then, taking care not to mention the product name. It then became clear that Manning was barely able to read and that his timing was all over the place. They’re not great by any means, but these two little ads might just be better than the video he’s promoting.

This ad won a Clio and a Mobius award. (Account man: ‘Mobius? Dubious, more like.’)

Wimpy were offering free yo-yos, but I wasn’t allowed to call them yo-yos. They were ‘spinners’. And for the first of two ads, I wasn’t even allowed to call them that. Sometimes I just don’t understand clients' reasoning. Anyway, Hale & Pace were big at the time with their Billy & Johnny characters, so I used them.

Jane Asher and Andrew ‘one-take’ Sachs.

Not sure if these ads ever ran (I didn’t leave a lot of space for the locally-added address details), but they were fun to make. That’s Dave the barman from Minder in the last ad. (‘Ere, that Chisholm was in 'ere looking for you, Arfur.’)

An ad from the time when the Post Office’s ad campaign featured a cast of ants.

Another option for the Post Office. Just in case they ditched the ants.

Cinven are a private equity firm. CDP had the account, and I was lucky enough to write a few ads for them. This one has too many sound effects but features some great performances (including two lines from Helen Lederer).

Featuring Ryan Stiles (possibly) and Greg Proops (definitely).

A campaign of radio ads for American Express through O&M.
Amex has a complex approval process involving numerous stakeholders in the UK and the US. So I am very pleased that these ads were eventually recorded.
The campaign encouraged Amex cardholders to use their cards more often by getting them to think about the rewards the cards would bring. V/Os include Sue Perkins, Steve Punt, Danny Wallace and others.

Timothy Spall. I’m not sure we’d be allowed to say this any more. Not ‘Timothy Spall’; we’ll always be able to say that. I mean the ad referring to people as ‘crazy’.

Lovestruck take a pop at speed dating.

And again.

Wish I could remember the names of the VOs here. The male had a brilliant, pin-striped GP voice.

There’s a TV ad somewhere as well. Wait there…
Here it is. Good old internet. https://youtu.be/kV0OqylncwM

Shell Breakdown ad that I’d do better if I got another go.

A recruitment ad for Wimpy that succeeds by subverting their jingle. In fact, the success of all these Wimpy ads goes some way to explaining why the chain is such a ubiquitous sight on UK high streets ;)

A spot for Lidl’s Spring Spotter’s campaign, done through TBWA\London