The Teacher Development & Training Agency is responsible for training people to become teachers.

This pack was aimed at potential music teachers. It’s identify-the-logo time as the the brochure unfolds to form an A3 poster.

The first few paragraphs of copy from the brochure reverse. There was also a letter. There’s always a letter.

Two vastly conflicting statements in black and white. The reality, however, is more complex, and the two sides of this gatefold brochure parted to reveal the payoff…

…‘Teaching RE is mostly about the areas in between’. Printed on grey, you see.

The headline from the final reveal. On the back of the brochure, some typical RE-type questions were posed, such as: How do creationists explain dinosaur bones? Where was my soul before I was born? Is there really a devil? And so on.

Encouraging past teachers to return to the profession by evoking the (hopefully positive) atmosphere of the classroom.

Paper engineering enabled the ‘whiteboard’ to display two screens. This is the first…

…and voilà, the second. Good old direct mail.

The animated ‘business card’ at the head of this email featured the name of the recipient along with the dozen or so jobs that a teacher performs during the course of a typical working day.

After years of silently suffering the insults of people from above the line agencies saying we were little more than 'shelf-wobbler merchants', it came as something of a surprise to get a chance actually to do one.

It was for the Teacher Development and Training Agency, and it was aimed at alerting teachers to the opportunities there were for career advancement within the profession. The brief was for a mailpack, but as an adjunct I came up with this little wobbling thingy that adhered to the side of the recipient's PC or indeed their shelf.

Pitch work for the government's smokefree England account. The idea was to target various industry sectors, such as pubs, mini-cabs, hotels and so on, and direct them to a website where the implications of the smoking ban were outlined. (Basically, the implications were that smoking was banned.)

We didn't win the pitch but the agency that did came up with an almost identical idea.